Specialty Inks for Direct Printing onto Textiles

Itchy sewn-in or transfer labels were a thing of yesterday. Today‘s consumers expect comfortable clothes without loss of important information but especially without tag or additional seams.

The direct printing of size specifications, washing instructions or brand labels onto textiles is still a relatively young application which offers multiple advantages compared to heat transfer labels: Higher comfort, significant cost reduction and far more flexibility. Furthermore, direct printing eliminates the need for stock-keeping of labels and is environmentally friendly.

Pad Printing with Laser Cliché

Heat Transfer Labels


50,000 prints / 10 Euros

10,000 labels / 1,000 Euros


15 minutes to change motif

3 weeks delivery time for new motif

Marabu‘s comprehensive product portfolio includes two inks that are designed for printing directly onto fabrics. Tampatex TPX and Tampapur TPU are easy to handle and deliver high-quality results.

Furthermore, the inks are environmentally friendly and feature utmost consumer safety: They are certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, and contain no substances listed in the California Proposition 65.